While I was studying Romanesque sculpture for a Ph.d at Princeton I found that I was most interested in the patterns and the decorative motifs found in the works of art I was studying.  After my masters degree I started taking classes in textile design and ultimately started working in the  field (both in the fashion and home furnishing).  Thinking about patterns and the method of printmaking led me to try my hand at making my own “engravings” but in pen and ink.  I found that animals had the most interesting patterns in nature.  An owl’s feathers, a boar’s fur or an insect’s wing are all fascinating examples of patterns.  I also love the idea of finding the beauty in animals which were considered ugly or dangerous by society.  I made a series of “ecological trophies”.  Big game animals that the likes of Teddy Roosevelt would mount as trophies I have drawn as two dimensional, cruelty free versions.  Crows, interesting as individuals and even more so as a murder, became a favorite subject.  From big game and flying crows I became fascinated with the world of the microscopic.  Radiolarian, zooplankton and viruses have a grace, a symmetry and an abstract beauty that brings one back to the beginning of time.